Making Cages For Rabbits From The Grid

Many owners are faced with the issue of residence rabbits. After all, living conditions affect fertility, weight, fur quality and animal health. A suitable option would be cage for rabbits from the grid. Pets will not gnaw her, she is easy to use, as safe as possible and, thanks to the ease of manufacture, it can be done with your own hands.

Making Cages For Rabbits From The Grid

Making cages for rabbits from the grid

Grid selection

The market can offer a variety of options, but you need to understand what kind of mesh is needed for the cells of rabbits.

What should refuse

  • Plastic and any non-metallic mesh. Despite the availability of prices, they are inferior in many parameters. For example, in strength. Animals can easily gnaw through plastic restraint.
  • The network used to make bird cages is not suitable, although it may be metallic. The fact is that she will not bear the weight of a rabbit.
  • Aluminum mesh is also not suitable for the cage, even if we are talking about a rabbit feeder. The softness of the material leads to rapid deformation, resulting in large cells. Through them rabbits can fall out and suffer adult individuals.
  • Material without protective coating. He will quickly become worthless, which is fraught with injuries and infectious diseases of pets.

Suitable option

Metal mesh for rabbit cages would be the best option (best of all, if it is made of steel) with a protective coating – polymer or galvanized.

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You can also take a stainless steel, but it, like the polymer, will cost a lot, so it is better to take galvanizing.

When choosing a material, it is necessary to take into account for which part it will be used, since depends on the diameter of the rods and the size of the cells:

  • Take a grid on the floor, which has a 3-4 mm diameter of the rods, and a cell size of 20×20 mm or 16×25 mm – it will be convenient for rabbits to walk along it;
  • for walls, a less durable mesh with 2 mm wire rods and a cell size of 25×25 mm is needed;
  • For the ceiling, a mesh sheet with 3-4 mm thick rods and 25×150 mm large cells is suitable.

Pay attention to the shape of the cells: any curvature indicates a low quality of both material and workmanship.

Galvanized mesh

Making Cages For Rabbits From The Grid

Robust mesh for fencing

Often advised to take exactly galvanized mesh. Its difference from other species:

Construction scheme

Rabbit net cages can also be made with your own hands.

The first step in the creation is the drawing: it is necessary to determine the type of structure and its location, since the process and method of creation will depend on it.

There are two types:

  1. Frameless – designed for keeping pets indoors. It is made completely from a grid, established on supports.
  2. Frame cage – more suitable for keeping rabbits on the farm. At production the wooden or metal basis is used.

Mounting frameless cage

The optimal size of the cage, calculated on one animal:

  • length 1280 mm;
  • width 800 mm;
  • height 440 mm.
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In the case of keeping several pets, we calculate the area by multiplying the sizes by the number of pets.

Be sure to note in the drawing cell support, the location of the doors, feeders (for feed and for hay) and drinkers.

Do not forget that rabbits are mobile animals, so the house for them should be spacious.

Instructions for making

  1. It is necessary to cut the mesh sheets into fragments. Opposite cell surfaces should be the same size.
  2. Collect construction start from the side walls. They are connected by pieces of galvanized wire, fastening rings, brackets using pliers.
  3. The bottom is strengthened with the help of supports, which are installed for every 400 mm.
  4. The floor of the cage is fixed with a distance from the bottom to one cell. This stock is made to install the pallet.
  5. For the pallet you need a galvanized iron sheet. When choosing a size, one and a half of a cell is taken into account in length and width. The edges bend and give the sheet the shape of a trough. Check height: it should be less than the width of the cell for easy operation.
  6. You can install a wall from the same grid. It is fastened in the same way as the rest of the cage: with pieces of galvanized wire, fastening rings, brackets with the help of pliers.
  7. It is necessary to align the sections with a file – this will save the animal from cuts and injuries.
  8. With the help of wire cutters create cuts for the door and feeders.
  9. The door is made of the same grid as the house itself. Height and width should be greater than the doorway. The door is attached with the help of rings, and a bolt is installed on its outer part.
  10. The last stage – the installation of feeders and drinkers. Many owners make them outdoor, because this simplifies the care for them and the process of fattening the animal.
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Mesh cell with frame

Making Cages For Rabbits From The Grid

Frame cells are very comfortable.

When drawing up a drawing for a frame cage of rabbits made of a mesh, consider the following dimensions:

  • width – 60 cm;
  • length 2 m;
  • rear wall height – 40 cm, and the front – 50 cm;
  • feet height – 40 cm.

With regards to manhole, its parameters should be 20×17 cm. It is better to raise it slightly above the floor (10 cm). For the feeder, leave 30 cm total length, each door will be 30 cm.