The Optimal Size Of The Cells For Rabbits

The Optimal Size Of The Cells For Rabbits
The Optimal Size Of The Cells For Rabbits

The Optimal Size Of The Cells For Rabbits
The Optimal Size Of The Cells For Rabbits

Many people neglect the fact that housing is very important for a rabbit. A good, well-groomed cage needs a rabbit as much as a man needs a house. Otherwise, rabbits may experience discomfort that can negatively affect their lives, and sometimes even lead to the most serious consequences.

The size of the cage for rabbits may vary, depending on how old your pet is and how big it is. Some species of rabbits need special cages, with sizes chosen specifically for their breed. For example, farmers pick up special cages for the breed of rabbits with an interesting name. " gray giants".

Usually for females with a conclusion (which also requires a nest) of this breed use cells with such characteristics: length is within 175-185 centimeters, width is about 1 meter, and height is around 60-70 centimeters. It is very important to provide comfort to the female during the hatching period.

It is imperative that the materials from which the rabbit cage was made were not artificial. This rule must be strictly observed absolutely for all breeds of rabbits, because synthetic materials have a detrimental effect on the development of the rabbit.

Such a large size is needed only for the female with a conclusion, and for an ordinary rabbit, provided that there is nothing extra in the cage, there are enough characteristics: 1 meter in length, 60-70 centimeters in width, 60 centimeters in height. Frankly, he will not be there spacious, but in the cramped it will not be.

As it grows, the cell may have to be enlarged. This was one of the examples to show that, depending on the circumstances, the rabbits need different size cages for their habitation. In general, the optimal cell sizes for rabbits, which are already more adult, are usually the following: the length varies around 120-150 centimeters, the width is usually between 60-80 centimeters, and the height of the wall. half meter.

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With the size of the cage, as the farmers assure, the rabbit will feel moderately free, and will also have a personal space that it needs as well as we humans. Most experts advise making the floor of a rabbit cage from rails, or, in extreme cases, make it reticulate. The cage must appear to be a block that includes 2 cells, each of which is designed to contain an adult individual.

The characteristics that were presented above are the same for each cell. For convenience, the nesting and feeding compartments of the cells are advised to protect the wall, but do not worry, this will not make the cage a maze in which the pet can get lost, on the contrary, he will always be aware of where his food is.

People have long loved and appreciated rabbits. These animals helped people fight rodents, which in the Middle Ages endured very dangerous and terrible diseases for humans. In addition, there are practically no people who would not like rabbit. This meat has always attracted people with its unique taste.

It is necessary to choose which cell sizes for rabbits to use, of course, paying attention not only to the age and size of the animal, but also to its sex. For example, the rabbit cage from the same herd will not fit the rabbit of the main herd. Of course, you should pay attention to the external conditions when building a cell and when considering its size.

If you live in a cold climate, you should warm the cage, otherwise the rabbits can, like all people, catch a cold and get sick. Unlike people, rabbits endure a cold much harder, so you shouldn’t risk it, it’s better to just warm the cage with the most elementary things, for example, throw an unnecessary rag on the floor, or rather a piece of warm outerwear.

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When building a cage for a rabbit, it is very important to use harmless materials, and also to make a cage based on the size of your animal, as well as sex and age. When fulfilling the elementary norms of construction, as well as observing the main rules, it is absolutely no problem to build a good cage for your animal.