We Build A Cage With Queen Cell For Rabbits With Their Own Hands (Sizes)

Rabbits in the wild live in cozy minks, and they use specially equipped, good-sized cages for keeping animals at home. If the rabbit is about to give birth, ordinary houses will not fit her – more favorable rabbit conditions are needed. Provide them – their bunnies will be healthy, and the female will be able to feed them in a calm, warm atmosphere. For caout and subsequent rearing of young stock, special cells with mother liquor are used. You can buy ready-made or make them yourself – the main thing is to use quality materials and take into account all especially installation.

The need to create a mother liquor for the rabbit

Breeders say that the mother rabbit is needed not only in the winter season. In nature, animals live in burrows, where they can safely feed their offspring. In an open cage, the female does not have such an opportunity, so she will behave restlessly and will not be able to provide the young animals with proper care.

We Build A Cage With Queen Cell For Rabbits With Their Own Hands (Sizes)

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Newborn rabbits do not have wool, so they need to create normal conditions for growing – it is warm, comfortable and protected from drafts. Immunity in newborns is also very weak, so even a minimal draft can cause illness or death. In cells with the mother liquor, heat is kept very well; additional heating is not necessary. When the rabbits get stronger, they will crawl into the main cage.

The cage with the queen is a universal solution for raising small animals. It can be used all year round.

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How to make a cage for the rabbit do it yourself

You can easily assemble a cage with your own hands with a queen cell, especially the simplest model. The main thing to act on the scheme and take into account all the nuances.

Materials and tools

Before you collect the mother liquor, prepare materials and tools for the job. Materials

  • Plywood about 3 mm in thickness.
  • Reiki up to 2.5 cm.
  • Boards.
  • Material to strengthen the structure.
  • Hinges

The main working tool – saw / jigsaw, emery, hammer, tape measure, screwdriver.

For the queen, instead of rails, you can use the remains of the boards – installation of the structure in such a case will be very cheap.

In the role of insulation is usually used budget option – sawdust. Take mixed and thoroughly dried, stuff tightly so that the material does not fall off and do not stray. Other possible options:

  1. Straw – is cheap, but prone to infection by parasites.
  2. Mineral wool – has a low thermal conductivity and practically does not absorb moisture. The main minus of minwats is the presence of villi.
  3. Asbestos – insulates well, but for health is not safe.
  4. Polyfoam is a solution from the “cheap and cheerful” series.

In any case, the insulation will need to be carefully isolated from contact with rabbits.

Queen size

Before you start creating a rabbit queen cell, determine its size and prepare a detailed drawing indicating the dimensions. You will need 8 strips of 56 cm each and 6 strips of 31 cm. Sheets of plywood are cut into details of the desired size. For the front and rear walls you need 4 blanks, the same is done for the side parts of the structure. Since the warming of the queen cell is carried out on a mandatory basis, the elements are necessary for the external and internal sides.

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Technology performance of the mother socket

When all the details are ready, you can proceed to work. Stages:

We Build A Cage With Queen Cell For Rabbits With Their Own Hands (Sizes)
  1. On the plywood, tamp the appropriate rails; inside the cavities, this should be done with maximum density. Pay special attention to the absence of gaps and gaps.
  2. Secure the second sheet of plywood over the already filled items. Do similar actions on all walls.
  3. On the front wall make the entrance – it can be cut in the shape of a circle or square.
  4. Fasten the walls with screws in such a sequence – we fix the side walls to the bottom, and then install and fix the back part of the queen cell. Put the top cover on the hinges so that you can always watch the baby rabbits and perform the necessary manipulations. On a hot day, it is convenient to open the lid for ventilation.

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That’s all – the mother liquor for the female and offspring is ready. It can be placed inside the cage, if the house is quite large, and it will not become too crowded. Another option – secure the frame of the bars to the surface of the front wall, and then cover it with a grid. The result will be a full-fledged cage for domestic rabbits. We recommend to learn about compound feed for rabbits in this material.

If desired, you can modify the cage, making the slope of the floor for easy cleaning or increasing its size (especially important for the cultivation of large breed animals such as Flandre, Burgundy, white and Gray Giant). If you live in a region with a harsh climate, provide a place for the presence of a heating element – it is usually installed under the floor. Thanks to constant heating, the female and her offspring will feel great even in the most severe weather. About the content of California rabbits, read here.

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Tips for the organization of the rabbit mother liquor

To make a good queen for the female and her offspring, follow these recommendations:

  • A too large mother liquor is a bad idea, as the rabbit can take him for a cage and start to defecate in it. In a small house, the female with the offspring will be uncomfortable, the risks of crushing the litter will increase. Also read about winter drinking bowls for rabbits on this link.
  • To prevent the bottom of the queen from starting to rot as a result of contact with feces, place a galvanized sheet of metal on it and cover it with straw.
  • If the female is young and inexperienced, make the queen straw yourself, because she may forget to do it. An experienced rabbit will equip the nest itself.
  • Laz should not be too high, otherwise the grown-up young animals will not be able to get out of the mink. Very low is also not suitable, as newborn rabbits should not go beyond the queen cell. The presence of the nut will prevent the removal of female babies who cling to her.
  • Coniferous trees, especially svezhespilennye for the arrangement of the mother liquor is not suitable, because the essential oils scare away rabbits.

The minimum layer of straw for the zinc bottom of the mother liquor is 20 cm. Otherwise, the rabbits may freeze.


This video shows and describes how to make a “mother cage” for rabbits with your own hands.