What Is The Best To Make A Cage For Rabbits

The main thing – to decide what type of cell you need.
After all, cages for a rabbit can be either for individual content, or for collective, for home or street, for young rabbits, for males, pregnant females, with or without walking, and the like. Therefore, we will determine the main components of the cage for the rabbit, which we will do with our own hands, and you, based on your needs and capabilities, will be able, as a designer, to assemble your own cages.

Well, let’s proceed to making a cage for the rabbit with your own hands.

The first is the source materials:
Boards or thick plywood (for walls), wooden bars (for the frame and support), fine-mesh grid (1.7×1.7-2.0×2.0 cm), slats (about 3 cm wide wooden or plastic). All wooden parts must be smooth, so that the rabbit does not drive itself a splinter, without protruding nails.

The second is the size of the cell.
We take as a basis the fact that for one large breed rabbit the following cage dimensions will be needed – length 1.5 m, width 70 cm, height 50 cm; the middle rabbit will need a cage of 90x60x45 cm; small and dwarf rabbit, depending on the miniature breed.

Further, each cell consists of main parts: walls, floor, roof, contents.

The walls, depending on the conditions of detention, can be made of wood, plywood or mesh.

The floor is a fine-meshed mesh or slats, located at a distance of 1.5 cm from each other. If the floor is made of solid wood, then above it is necessary to place the slatted floors or fix mesh floors. It is more hygienic for rabbits and will save their health.

If you make a cage for a rabbit with your own hands – be sure to provide a shed or roof to protect against rain or sun, the rabbits can hardly bear the heat with direct rays. If the rabbit cage is standing outside all the time, then it is worth upholstering the roof with a flexible tile – it is so beautiful and durable.

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A rabbit cage can be made with nesting compartment (which is better), or without. Then there you can insert a house, or, for the parturient woman, insert a mother liquor. You can see a variant of the house for a rabbit with your own hands in the picture (35x35x30 cm). If you are going to make a pitched roof in the house, then make a small angle of slope, because rabbits love to sit on these houses.

Cages for rabbits with their own hands.

Rabbits love houses, there they feel most comfortable, and besides, rabbits are genetically arranged to live in burrows.

It is also easy to make a queen maker with your own hands – just knock down a box of 35×35 cm and a height of 20 cm without a lid; the quiver is usually made with a solid floor. If you wish, you can make the mother liquor in this version:

Where the length is 45 cm, width is 35 cm, the height of the back wall is 30 cm, the front is 10-15 cm, the roof is 20 cm.

If there is a nest compartment in the rabbit cage, then there should be a partition between it and the feed compartment, in which at a height of 10-15 cm it is necessary to make a hole for the passage of a rabbit – hole, 20 cm in diameter. Rabbits often gnaw his wooden projections.

If a cage is made to a rabbit for outdoor maintenance, then it should be placed on the bars at a height of 70-80 cm. What will protect the rabbit from rodents (real danger), cats, dogs, and such a cage will be easier to maintain.

Feeders, drinkers are better to make retractable, mounted, placed outside or done with a lid on top, so that the rabbit does not zagadil their contents.

Let’s build a rabbit cage for outdoor use with our own hands.
We will make cages for an average rabbit (about 3.5-4 kg).

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First we assemble the cage frame. The height from the ground to the beginning of the cage construction is 70 cm. The front part of the cage itself is larger – 55 cm, the back one is below – 35 cm.

What Is The Best To Make A Cage For Rabbits

Then we sheathe the walls with a board or insert plywood. We make the nesting compartment in the rabbit cage, therefore we make its floor solid wooden, and on the floor of the aft compartment we stretch the net. Between the branches we make a partition with a hole for the passage of the rabbit.

Making the roof. It is better to hang it on the hinges so that it can be lifted.
Then do the door. One continuous – for the nest compartment, one with a grid for the feed.

What Is The Best To Make A Cage For Rabbits

What Is The Best To Make A Cage For Rabbits

If in a cage for a rabbit we do not make a nest compartment, then we put a grid on both doors and on the floor.

What Is The Best To Make A Cage For Rabbits

If there is a desire, it will be useful for the rabbit to do the next walking – a wooden frame with a net. In the back wall of the cage then make a bolt to release the rabbit.

For keeping yourself on the street, you can also make such walking for a rabbit so that he has the opportunity to walk and eat pasture.

Now consider what kind of rabbit cage you can do with your own hands for keeping in the house.

We make two side walls approximately 70 cm high and 70 wide, one back wall is a meter long and 55 meters high, we fasten it so that there is a 15 cm gap between the floor of the house and the future floor of the cage. slats long by meter. Depending on how you fill the grid, the number of rails can be increased. We fill the grid on the floor and on the facade. We make the upper rail below the upper edge, taking into account that the lid will rest on it. We make a cover with a grid and a handle, hang it on the hinges. Bottom under the grid set pan.

What Is The Best To Make A Cage For Rabbits

Then you can look at the photo options for cells for the rabbit, which can be made by hand. To start rabbit cages for outdoor keeping:

What Is The Best To Make A Cage For Rabbits

Rabbit cage with nesting compartment and gable roof.

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Cage for a rabbit with a breeding compartment and a lean-to roof and a solid wooden floor.

Rabbit cage with nest and mesh floor.

What Is The Best To Make A Cage For Rabbits

A small rabbit cage without nesting compartment.

What Is The Best To Make A Cage For Rabbits

Cage for a rabbit without a nest compartment, mesh side walls retractable tray.

If there is a possibility, then you can make such a cell with a walking distance, the main thing to remember is that the grid should be stretched from the bottom, otherwise the rabbit will be able to escape.

Cage for a rabbit with a lifting cover.

This two-story rabbit cage is assembled quickly and easily – from rigid mesh sheets.
Looks like the cage above. The minimum cost of money and time – is collected from rigid sheets of the grid.

What Is The Best To Make A Cage For Rabbits

Or another such cell option.
For the cage of rabbits we use bars 4 cm wide and 5 cm high.

What Is The Best To Make A Cage For Rabbits

1. We produce a bearing frame. For long-term reliable fastening of bars, it is better to use ordinary screws 6 cm long. Before the screwdriver, I use a drill with a sample of pots 2 cm deep. Otherwise, a 6 cm self-tapping screw uselessly 4 cm of its length to pass the width of the bar.

What Is The Best To Make A Cage For Rabbits

Note that the distance between the first and second transverse bar (90 cm in the figure) corresponds to the width of the mesh tape (standard for welded). But it can vary by moving the second bar (I have 102.5 cm. Because of the cut ribbon in 2 m.) Without changing the length of the base of the cage (155 cm.).

What Is The Best To Make A Cage For Rabbits

What Is The Best To Make A Cage For Rabbits

What Is The Best To Make A Cage For Rabbits

What Is The Best To Make A Cage For Rabbits
What Is The Best To Make A Cage For Rabbits

What Is The Best To Make A Cage For Rabbits

As you can see, it’s not difficult to assemble a cage for a rabbit with your own hands, and its appearance and functionality depends only on your desire and imagination.
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